Tundra Payroll Services

|      Empower your current team
     |      Ensure IC tax compliance
     |     Reduce recruitment costs
     |      Reduce onboarding time

The most valuable asset to any organization is a great team. Your team knows best what drives your business towards success and what type of person will contribute to that success. Great people know great people. Meaning that when you’re looking for your next great hire, often times, someone on your current team already knows who it is. Making employee referrals a very effective recruitment tool for many organizations. When you’ve already done the recruiting and have identified the talent you need, Tundra helps formalize the business relationship between the firm and the individual by providing complete payroll services. Serving as part of a robust recruitment and workforce planning strategy, this approach can go a long way towards reducing overall costs per hire and increasing overall new hire performance.

Tundra’s team provides fully managed temporary employee and independent contractor/limited company payroll services across the globe. Our teams are experienced in ensuring tax compliance across all governing bodies, from the HMRC to the IRS, we have the experience and resources to ensure compliance and risks are reviewed and mitigated in every transaction.